Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sashay Scarf

Last fall I decided to learn to knit.
 I went to a fall craft/art show and saw these frilly scarves in several booths.  The prices ranged from $12-$20 dollars for a scarf.  While in Michaels, I noticed they had the skeins on sale for $4 each. Naturally, I decided to make my own. I watched this youtube video to learn to knit the sashay scarf. 
It was so easy!  In fact, it was so super easy that I have now made 18 scarves.  I gave them out as Christmas gifts and then again at Valentines day for the Crafty Pay It Forward. (I have chosen 12 college students to recieve homemade items from me throughout the year).   I now just have one skein of this yarn left and can't find anymore in our local stores.  Guess I will have to learn to knit other items.  Maybe it will be hats next.  I threatened my brother that I may make him and his family matching Christmas sweaters.  Teehee!  I am sure I am nowhere near ready to make sweaters so they would definitely win the ugly Christmas sweater contests.

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