Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cleaning Copic Markers

Crafting Temporarily On Hold For Cleaning

While coloring up an image the other day, I realized that my markers were in dire need of cleaning.  The image I was coloring looked horrible so in the trash it went and I got out the cleaning supplies.
The marker in the picture isn't even the ickiest one I had.  This is going to be a long and tedious process but worth it.  I started with the markers I use the most for skin and hair and then recolored the image and Wow! what a difference.  
Cleaning my markers may have to be a regular scheduled event.

 How to clean your copics:

The cleaning is pretty simple.  I placed a paper towel on my counter along with an ample supply of q-tips, cotton make up remover pads and a bowl of rubbing alcohol.  If you want to keep your hands from getting stained, a pair of rubber gloves is also handy.  
Each marker cap went into the the bowl with alcohol to soak while I used the make up remover pads dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean the outside of the markers.  
I then used the q-tips to clean inside the marker caps.  Once clean I used a make up remover pad to dry the inside of the caps and placed them upside down to make sure they were fully dry.  You can use cotton balls instead of the make up remover pads but I found cotton balls leave strings of cotton that can get on the marker tips. 
This is also a good time to check to see which markers need to be refilled so you don't have to stop while coloring.
I have now cleaned all my E's, W's, T's and C markers.  Hopefully, will be done with the rest later today.

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~ginny said...

Thanks for doing this Julie! I am putting rubbing alcohol on my grocery list!