Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cricut Cartridge Storage

I just spent some time cleaning and reorganizing my craft room. My Cricut cartridges, overlays and binders were beginning to outgrow the containers I had them in. I was using the snapware ribbon containers. You can find directions on how to store your cartridges that way HERE. I was using 5 of the containers and decided against purchasing more. Instead, I used the directions for cutting the plastic canvas and just moved all my cartridges into the drawer directly beneath my Cricut. I have base kitchen cabinets from Lowes in my craft room so I do have lots of drawers. I do not travel to crops with my cartridges so I don't need to have them in containers that are easy to transport. If I do want to use my Cricut at a crop or a friend's house, all I need to do is bring my gypsy along. So far this has worked great since I am more apt to put them away now. All of the overlays and binders are stored in 3 photo storage boxes. About 25 overlays and binders will fit into each of the photo boxes. I picked them up on sale at Michaels. I do have a fourth box for all my new cartridges that I am sure will be purchased this year. My snapware ribbon holders now hold all my RIBBON! LOL!


Jennifer said...

What a great idea!! TFS

Kathy said...

OK, you are way too organized, and I'm hoping it rubs off on me! This looks like such a great system, everything is stored so compactly. Mine are all still in the orignal boxes. Really great storage. Looking forward to working with you on the SSD dt!

Anonymous said...

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