Sunday, January 17, 2010

5oth Birthday Party Decorations

My future SIL and I made all the decorations for my BIL's 50th birthday party. We had so much fun putting everything together. He is our local sherriff so our theme centered around that and around being old. The 50 Sucks bucket we found at the Dollar Tree store. We started with floral foam and then added the suckers and the rest of the decorations. It was just the perfect size for 50 suckers. The other center pieces are mason jars that we filled with sand for stability and support for the decorations. We wrapped each jar in paper and ribbon. The ballons, and cricut cutouts are attached to wooden skewers.
Cricut Cut Details:
Sherriff's Badge: A Child's Year Cart cut at 3.5 inches
Sherriff: Everyday Paper Dolls cart cut at 4.5 inches
Car: My Community cart cut at 3.5 inches
50: Mickey Font welded in Design Studio
Old Geezer sign: Going Places, Paper Doll Dress Up and Base Camp cut at 5 inches made in Design Studio
Fire Extinguisher: Everyday Paper Dolls Cart cut at 3.5 inches
Party Hat: Mickey Font welded in Design Studio

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Lori Apgar said...

Love the Geezer Crossing!!