Friday, January 15, 2016

My Creativity Planner

My sister-in-law, Kim, has designed this wonderful Creativity Planner. This planner is a great way to not only organize your daily schedule but to express your creativity.  

I started using mine this month.  I probably use mine a little differently than she intended when she designed them but I figure that's the whole point of being creative...thinking outside the box and doing what works for you.  I have decided to use my planner for keeping track of my crafting, blog posts, faith journaling, etc.
I worked for years as a Recreational therapist working with the elderly, pediatrics, cancer patients and in mental health.  It seemed like it was always a struggle to educate people on how important leisure activities are for your health, body and soul.  I am glad that the coloring craze currently happening has helped people realize some of the benefits of taking time away from work, family and other obligations.

One of the first pages in the planner asks you to document your dream for the year through scribbling, drawing, sketching, etc.  I wrote the quote that most reflects crafting to me. I then created my goals for the year based on that quote and how it makes me feel.

Here is last week's daily pages.  I used the creative boost areas to write down the quotes and Bible verses that reflect my dream for the year.  I then used all of them in a craft project that I will be sharing with you on Jan 21st.

If you are interested in learning more about the creativity planner or even purchasing one for your own creative journey, you can find them here

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That is a wonderful project and such a good idea Ginny x My Blog As I do Rodos