Monday, May 12, 2014

New Puppy

  My crafting has been temporarily interrupted by the new addition to our family. 
I am so excited to share with you a picture of my new baby, Isabella.
I have been telling my husband for years that I want a small indoor dog when the boys move out.  My youngest will be graduating from high school May 18th.  He has decided to attend a local college and live at home but I went ahead with my adoption plans.
I researched for a couple years to find just the right dog.  I wanted a small dog that loves to snuggle, is good with young children and is hypoallergenic.  After looking at all kinds of dogs from Haveneese to Shih Tzus to Yorkies, I finally settled on this adorable ball of fluff.  She is a Malshi which is a cross between a Malteese and a Shih Tzu.  I checked out several breeders but when I was talking to Isabella's breeder, she was sitting in the pen with the mother and Isabella was born while we were talking.  Not sure if it was fate or just perfect timing but it was definitely mean to be. I was really hoping to adopt during the summer months when life is less hectic but I couldn't be any more thrilled with my new baby. She is sweet, adorable, playful and best of all is that she loves to snuggle.


As.I.Do.Rodos. said...

Wow!! so cute and adorable xxx

~ginny said...

OMGosh Julie! She is adorable! Your life is going upside down for awhile... what a cutie. Congrats Julie!