Friday, January 17, 2014

Christmas Card Organization

As promised, I am sharing how I organize all of the Christmas cards I make.  This is the system I used last year that helped me get all of my cards made, addressed and ready to mail  a week BEFORE Thanksgiving!
I created this system because in 2012 I ended up sick on Christmas because I was so stressed out trying to create the perfect Christmas.  I was busy making cards, baking, shopping, wrapping, decorating, cooking, etc, etc that I missed out on taking time to really absorb the true meaning of the advent season.
So my goal for 2013 was to relax and really enjoy the season instead of trying to rush through all the tasks I thought needed to be done so it was special for the family.
I have two boxes.  One is for Christmas cards and the other is for all of the other cards I need throughout the year.  I found them at Hobby Lobby.  They are a faux leather and are very sturdy.  They measure 8.75" W, 6.5" H, 10.5" L so they are pefect for storing the various size cards that I make.

I start by going through my address book and making sure that I have current addresses for the people that will receive the cards in the mail.  I have a separate tab inside for each household that lists their name and address.

The tabs aren't fancy.  That wasn't  the point.  The point was to find a way to keep me on target for getting my Christmas cards done on time.  It was a bonus that I had them done early last year.
Once you figure out who will receive cards and have tabs set up, all you need to do is start creating beautiful cards.  I don't go in any specific order.  I simply reach in, grab a tab and create a card for that person.  If the card needs to be mailed, I make sure to keep the embellishments flat so that I save on the cost of mailing. 
The next step after creating the card is to address the envelope.  Yep, address them as you go so you aren't scrambing at the end. 
When I put the cards in the box, I turn the tab around backwards and put the tab and completed card in the back.  That way I know that card is finished.
If you want to affix postage, you can go ahead and do that as you address the cards.  I don't because I just take them all to the post office in one big stack.
This year I added a new tab in the back labeled Christmas Thank You Cards.
My plan is to have plenty of thank you cards made before the holidays so they too are ready to go.
If you like my system and give it a try, let me know how it works for you.  If you have another system that you use, please share that too. 

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