Monday, January 7, 2013

Family Tree

Today's project was made by my son.  In our family we draw names for Christmas and then we make the gifts instead of buying them.  My son drew my mother's name and he decided to make her a family tree.
.  He looked at lots of samples on Pintrest and found a project made by the Crafty Sisters.  He decided that was just what he was looking for.  The tree was made by covering foam board with Celluclay.  You can find Celluclay at Michaels.  You just mix it with water and it is basically a paper mache material.  I think he did a great job giving the tree texture that looks just like tree bark.  I just love the knot hole he added too.  After it dried, he painted it with craft paint and then attached to the frame with a strong glue.  All the pictures are mounted on cardstock and then attached to the family tree with velcro.  He included an envelope of extra cardstock mats so that pictures can be updated as needed.

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Jenny said...

Wow that is such a cute idea - he did a great job :) Jen xx

Judy said...

Wowzer..looks like "son" is a chip off the ole block huh? He did one fantastic job on that tree...and please tell him I said so, because trees are tough to do in any genre.


Danielle Champagne said...

Very lovely! and what a precious keepsake. Wow! Hugs.