Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Son Took Over My Craft Room

I walked in to my craft room to find my son putting vinyl numbers on his dirt bike.  He took his dirt bike completely apart so he could paint it and replace a few of the parts.  He will have a "new" bike when done.
He used my Cricut to cut out the numbers.  Love it that he knows how to use my craft supplies to make projects.  He even cleaned up after himself!  


Lena said...

That is so neat. I bet when you saw him it made so happy. And at least he clean after himself. I hope you post it when he all done.

Debbie Bakk said...

I think this is great- my kids will often come over and ask if they can go do something in my craftroom- I love it. Hope you take a pic of the finished bike I bet it will look great!

Kate said...

Sweet. Can I borrow him so he can teach my 14 year old to clean up after himself too.

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