Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School

Today my boys head back to school for another year of fun! My youngest is starting high school this year. It seem like just yesterday I was sending him off to his first day of kindergarten. Because I am feeling a little nostalgic today, here is a scrapbook page of the boys attending back to school night for Ben's Kindergarten year and Brad's 2nd grade year. This picture always makes me laugh because Brad was so unwilling to get his picture taken.

Flash forward 9 years and now the tables are turned. Brad eagerly smiles and Ben is not excited to get his picture taken. Also notice the clothes...not sure what they are trying to say about themselves for the first day of school

Yeah, no more school bus! Since they are back to attending the same school this year we are letting Brad drive to school most mornings.

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Kelly said...

Oh my, how your boys have grown into handsome young men. The time goes by so quickly. I love when bloggers post about what is going on in their lives, you really get to "know" them and for me that is what it's all about. Thanks for the great post!